New Opportunities, New City, New Life

Moving 3000 miles and not exactly reaching Graceland but something just as spectacular. “Corning, New York a quaint rustic of a town which has grown due to their main employer Corning Incorporated. The town sits in a valley surrounded by hills which are sprouted with colonial homes. When I arrived in October the tree had turned their bright oranges, reds, yellow and browns. Providing the most beautiful background and welcoming experience. I never thought that I a native Californian would feel so comfortable living anywhere else but my state which is so diverse and has the most unusual country side.  Amazingly New York has provided an eye opening experience. The people here are so open and welcoming as well. Corning which is very close to the Pennsylvania border has also been receiving lots of money influx due to the Oil and Gas industry. Both my cousins work in the Oil and Gas industry as Abstractors. It has been interesting learning about the natural gas industry and how fast this industry has grown the jobs that it has provided.  I have been able to network with some wonderful HR Professionals too.  This opportunity has provided my son who is 14 a chance to do sports which we were not able to do in LA, California. His grades have improved from C’s to A’s due to the care of the teachers here in Corning. As Christmas approaches I am very thankful for the new opportunities, new city and new life that this move has provided to me and my family. Of course this could not have been done without the help of my family. My cousin Nancy and Debbie. They have provided a roof, structure and job opportunities to me.  As days count down to my 44th birthday which is very close to Christmas I believe this year has provided me with a strength that I did not know I had and very good lessons on how good people can be when you need them the most.  I am still looking for opportunities to continue my passion my career in Human Resources. So to all my fellow LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter follower’s Merry Christmas, Chanukah and Kwanza..


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“Help One Another”

Am I the only professional out there that has experienced the following: Interviews where the company has no response or is not sure what they are going to do with the position in which you are interviewing. Interviewing for a position in which you are qualified but the company wants to pay you at a junior level? Reaching out to fellow colleagues and using your LinkedIn or SHRM contact information to get a leg up in the resume race?

How can we help one another in these economic times? Well how about reaching out and seeing how your colleagues are doing? Are they able to buy food and make their bills? How can we as a collective of unemployed HR professionals assist one another and others to help them acquire new positions.

I am very fond of Peter from the Challenger Group but due to not having any cash cannot afford the gas to drive up to Woodland Hills. It would be nice if we had a forum where we could request a car pool to events such as these.

I have had some of my colleagues and friends offer help via paypal just so I can get by. I would like to know if we could set up a page in which colleagues can donate a $1.00 and up to help those who are not receiving any unemployment  compensation due to have exhausted their benefit? This fund would help out professionals with gas to get to interviews and other incidentals like pet food, paper product and other items not covered under the food assistance programs. I realize that everyone is struggling but if you can donate a $1.00 to paypal account it would help those of us who cannot afford gas, pet food, or bathroom products.

If you would like to donate please contact me at

Thank you and have a great day!


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“Friends” by Cindy K

Friends: I have met some amazing friends here in LA and through jobs that I have done and would like to say that although you may not stay in contact with each person who comes in and out of your life you already received the rewards that those relationships brought. Never give up on people although they may not be in your life for long periods of time and you feel as if you have been abandoned. Life is about the path and the love and essence that person has brought into your life. 

So if I have not said it directly to each person. I have enjoyed the time I have shared with each and every one of you during certain time periods of my life. I look forward to the times that will come in the future. Every ones life shifts and changes with a blink of an eye. We move, change careers, become unemployed but the one thing that never changes is the true friendship that were built. May I say that I have enjoyed the friendships that I formed with my Drais and Santa Monica Amusements family. As well as the friendship that were formed during my school years at Indianola and Selma High School. Getting back in touch with friends who I have lost touch with has been very inspiring. I am very excited about the high school reunion.  I hope that I have expressed love, kindness and support during our times together. 


Instead of different words, however, we’re stuck with simple adjectives. Close friend. Best friend. Childhood friend. Intimate friend. Trusted friend. Beloved friend. But whether you use adjectives or different words, few could deny the nearly infinite meaning in such a simple word.Friends are special people.
We can’t pick our family, and we’re sorely limited in the number of them at any rate. Society and mores (and often our own conscience) dictate we select a single mate. But our friends can be as diverse and infinite as the adjectives we choose. Our friends, in a very real sense, reflect the choices we make in life.

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1st Week August 2010-Positivity!!!

Positivity!!!! As I make my way through the quagmire of job applications and send out resume/cover letters to possible job opportunities I secretly hope that I will get  a call soon. Well, have a temp job opportunity possibly waiting to hear. Just received a request from the State of California -Mental Health Department for State Prison asking me to send in my state application. I have been chosen over 200 people. Well we all know how long it can take for the state to process and then do the interview portion. But it is a positive move in the right direction. Trying to reconnect with former colleagues. One is now the head of production company which put out the movie “Middle Men”! Received a call from one of the partners for Drais out of the blue.  Never give up hope always move your-self forward. Think of ways in how you can improve your brand and make those connections to jobs that put you at the top of the pile. Although the job report was dismal do not believe the hype. Keep applying to state, government and private industry jobs.

Although the job may not be the perfect one make it your own. Create lemons out of lemonade. Take the position and run with it so when the job you truly want comes around you will have what they want and have proven yourself in the meantime.

Never give up on old relationships with past employers. Always be the cheerleader. If you are struggling with recruiters or companies who are not responding to your follow up request. Remember that this may not be your opportunity. It hurts like Hll but that just means that your opportunity is around the corner. Find networking opportunities that do not cost and you can find these via

I am finding that this time is very retrospective. I am 43 going on 44 and only look 34 so life if fantastic.  Both my son and I are healthy. He brightens my day and makes me strive to have a better life everyday. We must get through this difficult time and learn that less is more sometimes in life.

So as I close another week and wonder will next week be the week in which I obtain a position. I think to myself how bad others may have it. I am going to my bff tomorrow for a bbq and a little wine.

Always turn negatives into positives.. My friend recommended that I go to a wicken shop and get a  job candle. She said it worked for her. I say why not..Going to grab some sage while I am there and clear out the negative vibes that have been floating in my house. Have a good weekend. Hug a family member, friend or stranger just because.. Just BREATH and SMILE.



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Dear Recruiters…Stop Ignoring Your Candidates

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Dear Recruiters…Stop Ignoring Your CandidatesOkay, everyone…Pop Quiz!

You are recruiting on an open position.  You source a candidate, screen him, have him chat with the hiring manager and decide to fly him in for an interview with the team.  After a long day of interviews, it is determined that this candidate will not get the job.  What do you do?

Phone-hatred  A)  Let him know that you will not be offering and offer him some feedback on his interviews.

B)  Tell him that he did very well, but another candidate was stronger.

C)  Send a quick e-mail saying the position has been filled. Best of luck in your search.

D)  Nothing.

I will accept A, B, and begrudgingly, even C.  But, if you picked D, you just failed Professor Pankow’s Probing Pop Quiz.

I know we’ve covered this topic at FOT in the past.  But, I feel like I have heard multiple stories from candidates recently about how they’ve gone through an entire recruiting process and heard nothing in the end.  Zilch.  Nada.

If you are a recruiter who frequently leaves candidates hanging, I would like to hear from you in the comments.  Why do you do this?  What makes this okay either professionally or morally? 

I am not talking about a response for every candidate that applies.  I mean, if you are a high volume recruiter, it’s not realistic that you are going to send an e-mail to hundreds of people.  But, don’t you feel you owe some kind of explanation to the people you’ve spoken to?  People who have taken time out of their days and often days off of work to interview with your company?

My guess is that reasoning for this comes down to one of two things.  Either the recruiter doesn’t like giving bad news or they are too busy to reach out.  Here are my suggestions for both.

If you don’t like giving bad news, try to remember that this is not about you; it’s about the candidate.  Giving them the news, even if it’s bad, at least gives them closure.  They know that they shouldn’t wait on pins and needles for this opportunity to come to them.  They can move on and know they tried their best.  Most people express gratitude when I call them with the bad news.  Of course, it doesn’t make their day.  But, at least they know that we cared enough as a company to let them know where they stand. 

Time, I can sympathize with a little more.  We’re all busy.  But, try to consider it part of the process.  Just like you need to block time for the phone screen, just like you need to block time to deliver an offer, block time to break the news.  It can be as quick and easy as a form e-mail.  A phone call is better and more personal, but if time is really the issue, just hit send on a pre-constructed mail.  When I am pressed for time, I will often shoot out such an e-mail with an offer to schedule some time if they want further feedback.

Feedback doesn’t need to take longer than 10 minutes.  Maybe even less.  “Hi… you didn’t get the job. We’re moving forward with a candidate who had a stronger background in mud-wrestling.  Sorry to bring bad news. Do you have any questions?”  That’s it.  It’s quick and it’s easy.  Move along to other things.

I’m sorry to rehash old wounds with topics already explored.  But, come on, people.  We work in Human Resources.  We’re supposed to know how to deal with people.  The Golden Rule is important in recruiting as well as life.  Treat candidates as you wish to be treated.  And, stop ignoring them.

Editor’s Note – Jason Pankow is a Senior Recruiter for Microsoft’s Xbox LIVE and Xbox Software groups.  Jason supports the Interactive Entertainment Business at Microsoft, bringing in technical, as well as creative, talent to Redmond.  Look him up on Xbox Live, where he’ll ring you up for a triple-double as Steve Nash on NBA 2K8 or kick it old-school via a 7-digit score on Galaga

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Friday July 23rd TGIF

Well we have come to the end of another week. Having been deligent about job searching and networking I have a interview on Monday for a prospective position in a start up. Been trying to get my bookkeeping business  more clients as well.  Learning more about social media and networking too.  Going to free music concert at the Getty on Sunday and hope to meet some new contacts there as well.  Still studying the SPHR exam manual in preparation for December 2010. Also, creating a binder of Global HR policies for countries like UK, Ireland, France, Italy, Netherlands etc. I want to become more globally educated on their employment standards to increase my job opportunities.  Keeping busy and listening to  one of my favorite artist Chris Botti-Italia.

So enjoy your weekend and a glass of Cab, Pinot, Pinot Grigio or Sangria on me!!!!!!!



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Volunteers Needed Cancer Event-Poker Tourn Vegas


Pokerstars Million Dollar Challenge Tournament
held at Aria
August 3-6 and August 8
2 recordings per day- 9am-1, 2pm-6
Final day (August 8) 10am-2, 3pm-7
Not open to public, exclusive audience only

4 hour commitment
Attend at least one recording, may attend multiple if desire to

Get to see the action months before it is aired on TV
Just by attending, the American Cancer Society will be granted a monetary donation, which increases in value with each volunteer audience member

Contact information:
7028919002 work
9738680499 cell email

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